Our Terms of Use

This high ropes course is equipped with the latest safety system, the so-called Rope Roller System. This unique decra-inspected safety system ensures that no participant can unhook himself unintentionally. However, it is still extremely important that you are focused and responsible with yourself and the safety devices. Otherwise serious injuries can result. Please protect yourself and observe all our safety instructions, signs, trainer instructions and the following user rules.

§ 1 Usage

  1. Each participant must read these terms and conditions before entering the high ropes course. With his signature he confirms that he has understood and taken note of these rules of use and agrees with them. In the case of children and adolescents, the persons having custody must read through these rules of use and discuss them with the underage participants. With their signature, the guardians confirm that they have read and understood the rules of use and that they have communicated them to the underage participants.

    The use of the high ropes course involves risks and is at your own risk. The instructions of the park staff must therefore be followed without fail. In the event of any uncertainties or problems, the participant must immediately call or have called the personnel.

    The use may only take place if the health conditions (healthy physical and mental condition) when committing a crime, does not represent a danger to himself or others. Children under 12 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult in the course (max. 2 children per adult). Only school classes are excluded from this regulation. Adolescents from 12 - 17 years of age require a declaration of consent from their guardians. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol, epilepsy, drugs, medication or other intoxicating substances are not permitted to use the climbing garden. Pregnant women, those with damaged discs, as well as those who have recently undergone surgery, are strongly advised not to visit the high ropes course.

  2. The use of 1.5 hours starts at the agreed time after the safety briefing. The event takes place in all weather conditions as long as the safety is guaranteed. This is decided by the employees of the HOCHSEILGARTEN GÜNZBURG. Every visitor of the high ropes course has to follow these decisions immediately.

  3. Each participant must attend the entire practical and theoretical safety demonstration before entering the climbing garden. In case of violation of the organizer's instructions, the persons concerned can be excluded from the high ropes course. In this case, there is no claim for reimbursement of the remaining time to the organizer. The safety equipment may only be changed in accordance with the regulations and after instruction and control by a safety trainer.

  4. The weight limit is 120 kilos. The maximum weight for the Free Fall (13 meter heroic jump) is 100 kilos.

  5. The Roperoller must be guided so that it is always above the secured person.

  6. A maximum of three persons may be on one platform of the different courses at the same time.

  7. Only one person per station may be secured on each safety rope between the platforms. Touching the safety ropes is prohibited.

  8. The cable car tracks may only be used by one person at a time. It is only allowed to start when the respective cable car course is completely free. (All three cable car stations)

  9. Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to use the cable car tracks.

  10. The Waldseilgarten Wallenhausen GmbH reserves the right to close the rope slides at any time for safety reasons.

  11. All users must strictly follow and comply with the instructions of the staff. Should the instructions not be followed despite a single warning, the employees are entitled to expel the user from the high ropes course immediately. In this case there is no claim for reimbursement for the remaining time against the organizer.

§ 2 Safety standards and liability

  1. The high ropes course is checked for safety by the staff before each use. The employees instruct the users about the safety regulations and check that they are observed during use.

  2. Liability for damage caused by improper use of the system or equipment by the user is excluded.

  3. The user is liable for wilful damage caused by him to the system or equipment.

  4. Any objects (e.g. jewellery, camera, mobile phone, drinks bottles, etc.) that could pose a danger to oneself or others must not be carried on the premises. Scarves or neckerchiefs must be removed and long hair should be tied up. We cannot accept any liability for items and clothes that have been handed in.

  5. The use of the high ropes course is only allowed with closed, sturdy shoes.

  6. For reasons of hygiene protection, the wearing of a headgear (e.g. cap or hygienic cloth) under the helmet duty.

§ 3 Usage fee

  1. The usage fee must be paid before use.

  2. Possible waiting times after the start of use (e.g. platform occupied, exercise occupied etc.) are irrelevant and do not lead to a reduction of the user fee. In the event of demolition for safety reasons such as thunderstorms, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entrance fee.

  3. The rented equipment must be handled with care. It is not transferable to others and may not be taken off during the ascent of the high ropes course. It is not allowed to leave the area with the safety equipment. The equipment must be returned immediately after the expired rental period of 1.5 hours. After this time, a surcharge of EUR 5,- per half hour or part thereof must be paid. Excepted from rule no. 2 are adults accompanying children under 12 years of age, who must always slide forward and pick up their child on the opposite platform. At the cable car, an adult may only accompany one child under 12 years of age.

In addition, our general terms and conditions apply.