Corona Rules

Currently, in addition to our terms of use, the following CORONA rules apply in particular:

We ask you, if possible, to book your climbing visit in advance by calling 07309 425959.
Due to the current situation we have reduced our climbing spots and want to avoid unnecessary waiting times for you.

Keep distance

Please always keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other visitors and our staff. Markings on the floor will help you to find your way around. Pay particular attention at the cash desk, when tightening the safety belt and during the safety briefing and on the spiral staircase. All participants (except families or shared households) will be divided up in such a way that a distance of at least 1.5 metres can be maintained.

Wearing masks

Please wear mouth/nose protection wherever a minimum distance cannot be maintained. Please always keep it handy.

Hygiene cloth obligation

Please wear a hygienic cloth under your helmet, you are welcome to bring it from home or buy it from us for 2,00 Euro. Of course you may also bring your own bike helmets/climbing helmets.


We recommend to wear gloves, please bring them from home, if necessary they are available for 2,50 Euro.

Infection protection

Please pay attention to the etiquette of sneezing, do not touch your face and ideally wash your hands before and after visiting the climbing park. In the park there is also the possibility to disinfect your hands.

Follow instructions

Please follow the instructions of our staff. In our safety briefing you will also receive information about the CORONA rules in our high ropes course.

Climbing with kids

In order to avoid rescues by our trainers, children under 12 years of age should climb in the company of an adult or adolescent. – We ask here for your understanding.

Climbing in the parcours

A maximum of 2 persons may stand on the platforms. Only 1 person per climbing element is allowed in a station, except for help with children.

Guest registration

Due to the corona situation we are required to register further information of our guests. To minimize the effort on site you can already download our guest registration form here, print it out at home and bring it with you.

Thanks for your understanding!